«Recent advancements in AI have demonstrated that AI can accurately detect diabetes through the analysis of retinal images that retina experts would consider healthy. To better understand this achievement, it is worth taking a step back to understand the context and magnitude of the achievement.» 

«Diabetes is a chronic health condition that affects the body’s ability to metabolize glucose, resulting in high levels of sugars in the bloodstream. Over time, elevated blood sugar levels can lead to serious health problems, including heart disease, kidney failure, vision loss, and even death. Furthermore, the longer it takes for patients to be diagnosed and treated, the more likely they are to develop such irreversible complications, therefore, early diagnosis even when a patient is asymptomatic is critical to maintaining overall health and preventing adverse outcomes. «

«Despite the high prevalence of diabetes, 23%-27% of all diabetic adults in the United States remain undiagnosed. The under-diagnosis of diabetes can be attributed to several factors. First and foremost is the lack of regular health checkups. Underserved populations with limited access to basic healthcare are far more likely to go undiagnosed, simply because they lack basic access to screening and diagnostic services. Sadly, they are also at higher risk of developing diabetes to begin with because of the increased prevalence of obesity. Another factor is the lack of public awareness regarding the symptoms of diabetes; those who aren’t aware of the symptoms are less likely to see a doctor when they appear.» 

Article written by  Zack Dvey-Aharon.



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