«»In this cross-sectional study of patients with and survivors of cancer, most respondents expressed a strong willingness to participate in cancer clinical trials. However, willingness to participate in trials requiring additional effort in terms of the frequency of visits and travel distance, compared with regular care, varied by income and age,» researchers wrote.»

«»The use of remote technology and other decentralization tools that can decrease the need for travel to a trial site was associated with an increase in self-reported patient likelihood toward participation in cancer trials.»»

«The study’s authors noted their survey focused on hypothetical clinical trials and didn’t measure whether interest corresponds to actual trial participation. Meanwhile, cancer clinical trials can vary in the intensity of the intervention, which may affect patients’ decisions to enroll. Respondents to a survey may also be more likely to demonstrate interest in a clinical trial than the general population.» 

«However, researchers said their survey demonstrates that patients accept decentralized trials, which could help lower-income and older patients become participants.» 

«»Our data show that patients with cancer and survivors of cancer are receptive to these technologies and tools, and use in the context of trials is associated with an increase in self-reported likelihood to consent if the technology or tool decreases the need to travel to a trial site. However, the degree to which respondents would be more likely to join a trial varied by approach, and the ability to have the option for in-person visits at a trial site when desired remained important,» they wrote.» 

Article written by Emily Olsen.

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