«The metaverse — a domain of the internet in which users immerse themselves in interactive digital environments — has significant potential to disrupt traditional healthcare delivery in the long term, according to a recent report from Accenture.» 

«For the report, Accenture surveyed 391 healthcare executives across 10 countries. More than 80% of them said they believe the metaverse will have a positive effect on the healthcare industry.»

«The metaverse has two primary functions, according to Kaveh Safavi, senior managing director at Accenture Health. The first is the “Internet of Place,” which refers to spaces in the metaverse that will virtually transport users to almost any world they can imagine. Safavi said that this could one day allow people to easily interact with clinicians, peers and enterprises at a distance.» 

«The second is Web3 or the “Internet of Ownership.” Web3 is an evolving term that the report used to describe the utilization of technologies like blockchain and tokenization to build a more distributed data layer into the internet, allowing data to be owned and validated by metaverse users. Healthcare organizations could shift part of their operations to the metaverse and maintain their own internal virtual environments, Safavi said. This will allow employees to work from anywhere and collaborate based on data that they can authenticate.»

Article written by Katie Adams.



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