«The medical industry has been making leaps and jumps in its innovations, to ensure such a brutal pandemic doesn’t occur again. Designers have been coming up with new and improved, life-saving medical designs that not only boost medical care but relieve some of the pressure from our tireless medical force. From an analog clock with dispensers to help medication schedules to a Dyson award-winning injection accessory – these designs tackle a variety of problems in the health and medical field. They’re a boon to modern healthcare and a reminder that we cannot take our health for granted any longer! revolutionize.»

  1. «The Pinsoft: While its appearance could easily be mistaken for a fancy meat tenderizer, the James Dyson National Award-winning Pinsoft is an injection attachment that helps people deal with Trypanophobia or a fear of needles.»
  2. «Re-Pill This device called Re-Pill is created specifically for those that have TBI and may be suffering from cognitive issues like memory loss, attention deficit, and other problems connected to their disorder.»
  3. «The Smart Prosthetic Arm is a wearable design concept that integrates AI and smart technology into the construction of a prosthetic limb.»
  4. «The Alo is an innovative accessory that acts as a healthcare assistant, ready to check a person’s O2 saturation, skin temperature, heart, and even GPS.»
  5. «Cyberpunk inhaler concpet: This inhaler concept shows clear signs of a cyberpunk future design style. The form itself is unconventional and the transparent parts of the shell reveal the inner workings of the medical device.»

Article written by Srishti Mitra.



Yanko Design