«For start-ups and scaleups within the medtech industry, attracting funding and investment is absolutely vital to the long-term success of the firm. Fundraising needs to considered from the moment you set up your organisation, and front of mind throughout its lifecycle from thereon in.»

«As a corporate partner with over 28 years in practice, I have provided legal counsel to a range of medical device firms at all stages of their business lifecycle – including Gendius, Manchester Imaging and Carena Healthcare Limited.»

«Raising funds can be a slow process that requires careful planning: a deal may take six months to close, requiring you to constantly be in fundraiser mode and to understand when’s right to close and embark on the next raise.»

«Early-stage funding and overcoming the “equity cliff”»

«The funding landscape is healthier than it has been for years, with both public sector innovation grants and private sector investment available to help early-stage companies get off the ground. It’s an exciting time for these businesses to grow.»

«Whilst it can be difficult raising that first million, it’s an even greater hurdle raising another and overcoming that equity cliff. Start-ups often struggle at this stage of their business journey, finding themselves with some initial funding but unable to attract the really big funds – often because early-stage funds don’t follow their money.»

«Also, Government grants and public sector funds tend to be one-off awards, meaning that start-ups often turn to private investors.»

Article written by Simon Wallwork.



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