«Telehealth came to the forefront of the American consciousness with the onset of COVID-19, when virtual healthcare visits became commonplace. But that was then. How is telehealth faring more than two years since the coronavirus first hit our shores? That’s one of the questions Zocdoc, an appointment booking platform, set out to answer with its recent surveys of providers and users. Some may be surprised by the top-line takeaway: telehealth use has fallen considerably since the height of the coronavirus pandemic. Mental health, however, is an exception to this trend.» 

«While telehealth remains an integral part of healthcare overall, the surveys show that it’s mainly a complement to in-person healthcare, not a substitute. Before the pandemic, less than 1% of care involved telehealth. That percentage surged as the coronavirus spread widely across the U.S.; according to Zocdoc data, 13% of all outpatient visits were done via telehealth between March 2020 and August 2020. With appointments booked specifically through Zocdoc, 33% of all appointments were telehealth visits in May 2020. By May 2022, that number had been cut nearly in half to 17%.»

Article written by William McCleary.



HealthTech Insider