«Nelson Sepúlveda was sitting in the stands at Spartan Stadium, watching his hometown Michigan State players bash heads with their cross-state football rivals from the University of Michigan, when he had a scientific epiphany.»

«Perhaps the nanotechnologies he had been working on for years—paper-thin devices known as ferroelectret nanogenerators that convert mechanical energy into electrical energy—could help save these athletes from the ravages of traumatic brain injury.»

«An electrical engineer at MSU, Sepúlveda had made self-powered loudspeakers, flexible microphones, and e-textiles out of his miniature, energy-harvesting platform. Now he wanted to apply the technology to the problem of concussion monitoring.»

«The Spartans lost 21–7 to the Wolverines on that October afternoon in 2018, but Sepúlveda left the stadium with a winning idea.»

Article written by Elie Dolgin.



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