«Indian hospital chain Apollo Hospitals Group is integrating its latest AI tool for predicting a patient’s cardiovascular disease risk with the digital health solutions of Singaporean health tech provider ConnectedLife.»

«In September last year, Apollo Hospitals introduced its AI CVD tool, which provides a risk score that takes into account a patient’s lifestyle attributes, respiratory rate and blood pressure reading.»

«Through this collaboration, Apollo’s AI tool will be made available to users of the ConnectedLife with Fitbit platform, providing the technology with near real-time, continuous, longitudinal wellness and health data.» 

«This integration will enable doctors to design and provide patients with a personalised care plan while digitally monitoring patients’ compliance and objectively measuring the progression and improvement of their health vitals.» 

«According to ConnectedLife, Apollo’s AI CVD tool will be automatically available to its partner healthcare providers where it is currently deploying its digital wellness solutions. One of them is the National University Hospital System’s Alexandra Hospital in Singapore, which is currently preparing to adopt the AI tool via ConnectedLife.»

Article written by Adam Ang.

Photo: Connectedlife



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