«A home dialysis machine inspired by technology used in fruit juice dispensers has won the UK’s most prestigious engineering prize.»

«The device, made by Quanta, is currently used by about 50 patients in the UK, but more than a dozen NHS trusts are planning to offer the technology to patients this year and experts say it could transform the lives of kidney disease patients.»

«Speaking before the announcement of the Royal Academy of Engineering MacRobert award on Tuesday evening, Prof Sir Richard Friend, chair of the judging panel, said the technology demonstrated “remarkable engineering ingenuity” and had the potential to dramatically improve patients’ quality of life and relieve pressure on hospitals.»

«“The team exemplifies the persistence, innovation and unconventional thinking that has long been a hallmark of the UK’s greatest engineering success stories and they are worthy winners of the MacRobert award,” Friend said.»

«Dialysis removes waste products and excess fluid from the blood when the kidneys stop working properly. This typically involves diverting blood to a machine, around the size of a fridge-freezer, where it is passed through a complex system of mechanical valves, pumps and mixing chambers before being returned to the body.»

Article written by Hannah Devlin.

Photo: Richard Booth



The Guardian