«Society has benefited from remarkable scientific advances in the 21st century; perhaps few are more profound than the extraordinary achievements in human health, thanks to the convergence of biology, medical science and information technology. It is now possible, for instance, to sequence an individual’s entire genome rapidly and inexpensively.»

«At the same time, developments in wireless technologies and big data make it easier to collect and store large amounts of health-related information. The convergence of these two trends and others is revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment of disease and ushering in a new era of deeply precise, individualized medicine that may forever alter healthcare delivery to millions of people.»

«One of these significant advances is in using bioinformatics, specifically the identification and utilization of human «biomarkers» to accelerate the development of improved and innovative diagnostics. An offshoot of this field is called «metabolomics,» a relatively new branch of medical science that holds great promise in making precision medicine affordable and more accessible.»

Article written by Ali Tinazli.