«The Australian government has launched a digital cancer hub to support young cancer patients and their families.» 

«The Cancer Hub was developed in partnership with three of the leading children’s cancer support groups in Australia, namely Canteen, Camp Quality, and Redkite.»

«Based on a media release, the digital hub will be providing online counselling services to children under 12 with cancer and their parents. It builds on Canteen Connect, a mobile app-based online community for people aged 12-25 dealing with their own or a family member’s cancer.» 

«The federal government has provided A$3.3 million ($2.2 million) to Canteen to deliver the Cancer Hub until the end of 2023. This includes A$1.8 million ($1.2 million) in funding to continue its Canteen Connect service and A$1.5 million ($1 million) to offer a cancer navigation service.»

«Through the hub, the government aims to support more than 70,000 Australians in their cancer journey and assist 20,000 more with mental health support. It will also provide financial assistance and accommodation.»

«Having digital access to dedicated navigators and counsellors will ensure that young cancer patients and their families can receive the right support «as close to home as possible – and in the shortest timeframe,» the government said in a statement. The Cancer Hub will also have on-ground staff in every major capital city and in some regional centres.» 

Article written by Adam Ang.

Photo: Pexels



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