«Innovators are unique in their ability to pivot technology from other industries to use in new models and their ability to continuously test products in the real world to keep evolving. In the healthcare industry, however, “innovators have to navigate complex, often fragmented, processes and systems [that] can take time and waste energy and resources, diluting their ambition,” according to Chris Sawyer of Innovate UK.»

«So many times, healthcare tech companies fail to meet their financial goals and leaders must significantly cut their staff to operate in maintenance mode or rest in peace. Chris Sawyer explained that “the right connections can accelerate how quickly and effectively a new idea is developed, tested and adopted in the real world.”»

«Tech leaders understand the need to develop more than applications. If we look only at mental health solutions, for example, an article published in PharmaPhorum claims that “there are approximately 20,000 mental health apps and the overwhelming majority are considered ‘wellness’ products.” The article also claims that these apps are unregulated. One 2020 study found that just 2.08% of the applications studied were supported by original research publications.»

Article written by Joao Mendes-Roter.