«According to the Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists (ADCES), self-monitoring of blood glucose (SMBG) is an integral component of effective therapy for people with diabetes and is associated with improved glycemic control. It was found that adults with type 2 diabetes who received glucose forecasts and personalized insights were more likely to track health data in the One Drop app and achieved lower average glucose.»

«Researchers identified glucose logging as a partial mediator of the relationship between forecast exposure and week-12 average glucose, thus highlighting a potential mechanism through which glucose forecasts exert their effect among T2Ds—improved mHealth engagement associated with increased self-monitoring of blood glucose and better glycemic management.»

«“AI-based digital health tools must go beyond data generation to keep people engaged and motivated to make healthier decisions,” said Dr. Dan Goldner, EVP of advanced technologies, research, and discovery at One Drop. “Results from the present study validate the strength of our predictive intelligence and cross-disciplinary approach: behavioral data science. In simple terms, One Drop AI reduces cognitive burden caused by managing a chronic condition like diabetes and encourages self-care behaviors to drive cost-saving outcomes.”»

«Unlike other digital health solutions, which apply machine learning to backend infrastructure, One Drop uses artificial intelligence to provide direct support through eight-hour glucose forecasts with over 90% accuracy and deliver immediate insights people can use. The feature simplifies healthy decision-making by connecting everyday behaviors with outcomes and offering ongoing guidance to complement the support members receive from their healthcare providers.» 

Article written by Syed Hamza Sohail.



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