«The goal in today’s day and age is to keep ourselves healthy, and clinical care delivery or hospital care services help us achieve these goals to an extent with the help of cutting-edge technologies and procedures. The therapeutic solutions in modern days assist to achieve better health outcomes in a more fast-paced manner. «

«This has become possible with the healthcare sector involving patients to be actively involved in their care by making informed and independent decisions for managing their health and well-being. When patient engagement is maximum and they are proactive in participating in preventive care measurements, it helps to reduce long-term consequences and chances to develop any chronic conditions. This involvement is cost-effective and time-saving. «

«With preventive measures and wellness tracking at home, patients can now check their vitals and health through digital health tools and devices. This is termed patient activation, working as a patient engagement precursor. This helps patients have a more emphasized interest in taking independent decisions regarding their care delivery and health outcomes. This is improved the involvement of people in managing their health and plays an important role in understanding their concerns. «

Article written by Shailendra Sinhasane.