«While many think of Gen Z as the virtual generation—the ones who find dates on TikTok and go to school in the metaverse—their workplace and health expectations provide a more complex picture. Researchers behind a new survey on Gen Z say employers and health care providers can learn from the habits of this group, which is joining the workforce at the highest rate. Whether it’s their prioritization of mental health or their holistic approach to health, employers should take note.» 

«“It goes without saying that the needs of Gen Z will make them the most influential generation, and their impact on health care will be significant,” said Alison Ryu, a partner at the investment fund Able Partners, who worked on the survey.»

«»Roughly 65 million Americans are Gen Zers—born between 1997 and 2012—and they will make up about 30% of the workforce, with a collective income predicted to reach $33 trillion by 2030.»»

«“People assume that because we are the first digital native generation that we only want to communicate with new technology,” said Jonah Stillman, co-founder of Gen Guru, and bestselling author of Gen Z @ Work. “But whether I meet you online or in person what I’m really looking for is just seamless communication.”» 

Article written by Alexa Mikhail.