«For Amanda D’Ambra and Joan Zhang, the idea of starting and co-founding an eating disorder care startup was personal: Both struggled with an eating disorder, along with other mental health issues, and received treatment — a treatment they hope more people will be able to access.»

«D’Ambra and Zhang previously worked in digital health spaces before deciding to found Arise, a New York–based virtual eating disorder care company. Arise is looking to provide education, care and long-term support from licensed providers and personalized care plans for those afflicted with any disordered eating.»

«The one thing the founders wish they saw more of in other companies was “seeing people as humans first and supporting them in whatever it is in life that they prioritize,” they said in an interview with TechCrunch.»

«Based on their personal experience, Zhang and D’Ambra say other mental health factors impact a patient’s journey, which is why they are trying to personalize patient care.»

Article written by Andrew Mendez.



Tech Crunch