«Want more patients to get a flu shot? Progress starts with understanding how people behave.»

«Researchers at the University of Pennsylvania found they could boost flu vaccine rates by 11% after appealing to people’s sense of ownership. The concept — known as the endowment effect — causes individuals to place greater value on objects they own. A simple text message saying a vaccine is “reserved for you” is often enough to trigger this innate response in people, pushing them toward the desired outcome.»

«Behavioral science techniques like this have a powerful impact when applied to consumer engagement. Whether your goal is boosting flu vaccination rates or encouraging other important healthcare decisions, leveraging behavioral science principles reduces friction, increases personalization and, ultimately, drives necessary behavioral change.»

«With the average person making 35,000 decisions every day, health plans face an uphill battle when they lack an understanding of how people think about and make choices — and therefore cannot adapt their business models accordingly. How much do you know about your consumers? And how much more do you have to learn?»

Article written by Chris Nicholson.



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