«I think the fact that YouTube has a selection of videos on ‘hilarious stretcher fails’ is proof enough that the current hospital stretcher is mildly problematic. The fabric ones are a little outdated, and the rigid plastic/metal ones don’t really do much to protect the patient from accidental drops. Designed by Yu-Hsin Wu, a student at Taiwan’s Shih Chien University, the Inflatable Stretcher provides a much more secure way to transport patients from the location of the incident to a hospital. Almost like wrapping someone in bubble-wrap, the Inflatable Stretcher cushions patients and even secures them in place with its unique design. Besides, it even comes with its own first-aid kit to help treat injuries that require immediate attention.»

«Armed with an inflator that helps you set the stretcher up in seconds, the Inflatable Stretcher serves a few key purposes. For starters, it’s a lot more comfortable than your average stretcher, given that it’s filled with air.  The stretcher also comes with side flaps that inflate to secure your head and body in position, making sure you don’t accidentally fall from the stretcher or move too much while in transit. Moreover (and most importantly), the stretcher’s inflated, almost human-enveloping design provides a great deal of stress-relief with the way it virtually hugs the patient (unlike the harnesses on regular stretchers that feel almost like you’re being restrained).»

Article written by Sarang Shetch.



Yanko Design