«The app – also called Oto and available for download from the App store and Google Play – provides a series of cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), mindfulness, physician exercise and relaxation techniques designed to help people limit the effects of tinnitus, helping people to live with the symptoms.»

«It revolves around a technique called habituation, the phenomenon that allows people to “tune out” unpleasant noises such as traffic or loud engines after they are exposed to the sound for a while, but still focus on conversation or music.»

«According to the company, the tools train a tinnitus sufferer’s brain to respond differently to the sound, achieving changes in their neural network which means they register the ringing or other noises less and less.»

«Face-to-face CBT has been shown to be effective for tinnitus sufferers, but the typical wait time for this therapy can be up to nine months on the NHS – even before the lengthy waiting lists resulting from the pandemic backlog – and is expensive if paid for privately.»

Article written by Phil Taylor.