«Lisa Health was founded by its CEO, Ann Garnier, and Chief Scientific Officer and neuroscientist, Massimiliano de Zambotti, Ph.D., who’ve both ‘clicked’ together around the same mission and realization of how the impacts of menopause on women and society are wide-ranging and have been ignored for too long.»

«“As a senior healthcare technology executive who was thriving in the workplace, I experienced firsthand just how debilitating menopause can be and the potential for it to derail my career and personal relationships. From that moment, I became passionate about using advanced technology to transform the menopause experience,” Lisa Health’s co-founder and CEO, Ann Garnier, shares with me in an email.»

«AI holds enormous potential for a highly complex life stage like menopause. By leveraging advanced technology in the Midday app, we can now deliver personalized therapeutic strategies that provide real-time and long-term relief to women and females going through menopause,” explains Dr. Massimiliano de Zambotti, cofounder and Chief Scientific Officer at Lisa Health.»

Article written by Marija Butkovic.