«Earlier this month, one of the first comprehensive studies of cognitive issues found that nearly one in ten Americans over the age of 65 has dementia, and another 22% may have mild cognitive impairments. The numbers rise with age, with 35% of Americans in their 90s having dementia. While there’s no cure for dementia or the specific diseases, like Alzheimer’s, that cause it, there are ways to slow it down if it’s caught early. That’s one reason why Medicare requires cognitive screening for annual wellness visits»

“One challenge with this type of screening, says Elli Kaplan, CEO and cofounder of Neurotrack, is that doctors sometimes have a rough time integrating it into their workflows. That’s where her company fits in. It developed a 3-minute digital test that screens for two key measures of cognitive health: processing speed (how fast people respond and process to information) and executive function (which includes mental agility, problem solving and other traits) that can be integrated into a wellness visit as part of checking other vital signs. “We really want cognitive testing to become the next vital sign that gets selected at every appointment,” she says.”

Article written by Alex Knapp