«The GlucoRx BioXensor uses patented radio frequency technology alongside a multiple sensor approach to measure blood glucose levels every minute reliably, accurately, and non-invasively.»

«According to the World Health Organisation, approximately 422 million people around the globe have diabetes. Currently, many patients have to prick their finger to extract and test their blood several times a day using glucometers or apply semi-invasive devices such as continuous blood glucose monitors (CGMs).»

«The GlucoRx BioXensor now provides an alternative to blood glucose monitoring for the first time by measuring levels from 3 mmol/l to 30 mmol/l. When used as an early intervention to change lifestyle, the GlucoRx BioXensor can assist in preventing the onset of diabetes, or its remission, and improve quality of life with its smart alarms and remote monitoring technology.»

Article written by Med Tech News



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