«It’s hard to build novel products without great science. When it comes to women’s health, we still don’t have all the answers to very basic questions: What causes endometriosis, and what’s the cure? Why do ovaries age faster than any other organ and can we delay it? What is a good quality human oocyte (egg)? What’s the long-term impact of oral contraceptives on mental health? Only three mammals in our animal kingdom experience menopause, killer whales, pilot whales, and us humans. Why do women go through menopause?»

«All of these questions share the same problem — research in female reproductive health is long overdue. It was only in 1993 that the National Institutes of Health (NIH) mandated that clinical trials should be run on both men and women. Before that, the male body was the “medical norm”, with almost all medical research, including drug and diagnostic development, conducted exclusively on male bodies.»

Article written by Marija Butkovic