«Advances in medical treatments in recent years have contributed to an overall decline in HIV-related opportunistic infections and deaths in youth; however, mortality and morbidity rates in perinatally and nonperinatally infected adolescents and young adults (AYA) living with HIV remain relatively high today.»

«The goal of this project was to assess the use, utility, and cost-effectiveness of PlusCare, a digital app for HIV case management in AYA living with HIV. The app supports routine case management tasks, such as scheduling follow-up visits, sharing documents for review and signature, laboratory test results, and between-visit communications (eg, encouraging messages).»

«Although perceived usability was low, qualitative feedback from CMs and use patterns suggested that direct messaging and timely, remote, and secure sharing of laboratory results and documents (including electronic signatures) between CMs and AYA living with HIV can be particularly useful and have potential value in supporting care coordination and promoting patient self-efficacy and quality of life.»

Article written by Connie Fee. Julia Fuller, Carly E Guss, Elizabeth R Woods, Ellen R Cooper, Urmi Bhaumik, Dionne Graham, Sandra K Burchett, Olivia Dumont, Emily B Martey, Maria Narvaez, Jessica E Haberer, Dallas Swendeman, Shelagh A Mulvaney, Vikram S Kumar, Jonathan L Jackson,Y Xian Ho