«To Zocdoc CEO Oliver Kharraz, it’s helpful to think about telehealth like an e-scooter, because virtual care is just one tool in the toolbox. For example, you wouldn’t use an e-scooter to get to the airport, but you might use it to visit a friend who lives a mile away. Similarly, you wouldn’t use telehealth to get a colonoscopy, but you might use it for a follow-up visit with your gastroenterologist.»

«Telehealth will never replace in-person care — it’s important for healthcare industry stakeholders understand that virtual care is only useful in certain contexts, according to Zocdoc Founder and CEO Oliver Kharraz.»

«“Some people say that virtual has already had its moment, but that’s because they were imagining that virtual was going to do to in-person care what the car did to the horse-drawn buggy. And I think that was never a realistic assumption to begin with,” he said during an interview last week at HLTH in Las Vegas.»

Article written by KATIE ADAMS



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