«The holiday season is here, and with Christmas shoppers and holiday orders beginning to flood into stores, businesses will be working overtime to keep operations running smoothly. Unfortunately, that uptick in demand often puts warehouse workers at greater risk of injury, more so than at any other time of year. As companies seek to prevent workplace injuries and avoid high compensation and rehabilitation costs, harnessing technology to actively prevent injuries is becoming an increasingly popular strategy.»

«According to global safety solutions provider Ansell, giving organizations immediate biofeedback through wearable technology is the key to preventing injuries. The company launched its workplace safety product and service brand Inteliforz earlier this year, and IoT World spoke to senior manager Stephanie Gifford and director Beemal Vasani about the rising importance and changing design of workplace wearables, and how companies can expect to see meaningful industry change as we enter the holiday hiring season.»

Article written by Scarlett Evans



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