«Digital health is making it easier for doctors to share information with patients, and for patients to take control of their own care. In the past, patients often had to wait days or weeks for lab results to come back from the lab. Now, those results are available within minutes. Digital health also allows doctors to keep better track of their patients’ medications, both what they’re taking and how well they’re responding to them.»

«The ability to collect and analyze more data means that doctors can gain insights into their patients’ symptoms and behaviors. This can improve patient care by giving doctors a deeper understanding of what’s going on with their patients, both physically and mentally, so they can tailor treatment plans accordingly.»

«Digital health can help eliminate some of the common challenges facing physicians today, including rising costs and increasing workloads. For example, it allows doctors to spend more time treating patients rather than managing paperwork or managing their schedules by automating certain tasks like scheduling appointments or updating medical records.»

Article written by João Bocas



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