«Alcohol Use Disorder, sometimes known as alcoholism, continues to be a significant drain on society. People are killed because they try to drive while under the influence of alcohol, work days are miss when people suffer from the abuse of alcohol, and the disease can tear apart families and organizations. Unfortunately, fighting AUD has proven to be difficult because the delivery of services to those affected has been difficult and sometimes impossible.»

«But there are methods of treating AUD that have been shown to work. The National Institutes of Health explains that AUD is a medical condition that can be treated through medications, behavioral and mutual support groups. But finding the necessary treatment can be problematic for many people. Reaching those people is the mission of companies such as Ria Health.»

“RIA Health is a national medical practice that’s essentially on a mission to help people change their relationship with alcohol,” explained Tom Nix, CEO of Ria Health, “and we’re doing that by helping people by providing them with a evidence based, comprehensive program that combines a medically managed approach with a support coaching approach.”

Article written by Wayne Rash