«Just like other buzzwords mHealth has a different meaning for different people. There is no one definition of mHealth that is accepted universally. mHealth is an abbreviation for mobile health, the term describes mobile technologies designed to assist in delivering quality healthcare. It is predicted to get a lot of momentum in the coming years. mHealth can be used as a part of public health education, to control disease, to provide treatment, to manage health outcomes.»

«According to experts, mHealth can improve communication between patients and physicians. It empowers patients to take ownership of their health (as it makes remote monitoring possible when patients are not able to visit hospitals). Under mHealth’s umbrella, there are various applications available such as data analysis, prescriptions, and management of medications that are being used already. Besides, mHealth is used for storing patient’s data, emergency response, prescription management, connection with patients through wearable devices. mHealth is becoming an integral part of any practice management platform.»

Article written by Parul Saini