«Edging towards the end of the year, it is time for a summary of how digital health progressed in 2022. It is easy to get lost in the noise – I myself shared well over a thousand articles, studies and news items between January and the end of November 2022. Thus, just like in 2021, 2020 (and so on), I picked the 10 topics I believe will have the most significance in the future of healthcare.»

The Rise Of Digital Therapeutics (DTx)

Tech and/or Retail Giants Entering Primary Care

Virtual Wards Becoming A Reality

Roche Goes All In On Digital Health, Setting The Pace For Other Pharma Companies

WHO Launched A Freely Accessible AI Healthcare Worker, Florence 2.0

Vocal Biomarkers Are In

A Tool To Detect Breast Cancer At Home: Bringing The Point Of Care To Our Bathrooms

A Drone Delivering A Defibrillator Saved A Cardiac Arrest Patient’s Life

Smart TVs Becoming A Remote Care Platform

The Metaverse Hype, And How It May/May Not Transform Healthcare

Article written by The Medical Futurist



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