«In 2021, at the height of the Great Resignation, I left a secure director-level job in “martech” (social media marketing) to join a promising healthtech startup that had recently raised $200 million. This new role checked plenty of boxes: better pay, a chance to build our content strategy from scratch, and a path to VP at a unicorn experiencing hockey-stick growth. The kicker, I convinced myself, was its mission to improve healthcare for everyone.»

«Less than a year later, I was laid off, along with roughly 150 coworkers».

«The incident certainly hurt my pride. I felt naive for buying into the hype so willingly. At the same time, I was upset at the executive team for mismanaging the company by doing things like opening a massive new office in the middle of the pandemic. Looking back, though, what really sticks with me are the major flaws of the entire healthtech industry.»

Article written by JORDAN TEICHER



Fast Company