«AI software in ophthalmology holds great potential in helping physicians automate the diagnostic process, according to Dr. T.Y. Alvin Liu, assistant professor of ophthalmology at the Johns Hopkins Medicine Wilmer Eye Institute and director of the Wilmer Precision Ophthalmology Center of Excellence.»

«“AI enables the screening of ophthalmic diseases at scale and more efficiently,” Liu says.»

«Screening of diabetic retinopathy, which involves damage to the retina’s blood vessels, is a key use case for AI, especially considering the exponential increase in the incidences of diabetes, Liu notes.»

«Primary care doctors could use AI to perform diabetic retinopathy screening, Liu says. Companies that make FDA-approved AI diabetic retinopathy tools include Digital Diagnostics and Eyenuk.»

Article written by Brian T. Horowitz



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