Maria Pereira, co-founder and chief innovation officer of Paris-based Tissium, was a PhD student in bioengineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology when a surgeon asked her lab team if it could come up with a new treatment for ventricular septal defect, a hole in the wall that separates the heart’s lower chambers. From that challenge over a decade ago evolved a medtech startup with 97 employees that is currently developing a family of polymers to address multiple unmet clinical needs in tissue reconstruction. Tissium aims in the next two years to bring to market its first product, a polymer technology that offers a sutureless way to repair peripheral nerves.»

«The company, which changed its name from Gecko Biomedical to Tissium to reflect its expanding mission, closed on a €50 million ($51.8 million) Series C funding round in July 2021, bringing its total funding raised to €120 million since its inception in 2013. The French government is providing additional financial backing through a program that recognizes and supports the 120 fastest-growing tech companies in France.»

Article written by Susan Kelly



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