«Since the COVID-19 pandemic, Sweetwater has been perpetually short-staffed. The team always has seemed strapped for time, finding it challenging to monitor at-risk patients with hypertension and obesity to help manage their chronic conditions and look for signs of impending problems.»

«We serve lots of patients with chronic conditions, including hundreds with hypertension and obesity, and it’s crucial to get patient readings to better understand their condition,» said Eric Navarette, practice manager at Sweetwater Medical Associates.»

«Before we had remote patient monitoring with an AI-enabled virtual assistant, a patient would come to the office for a visit, where their blood pressure and/or weight was taken and recorded, or maybe they regularly tracked these metrics with a self-process – typically non-digital with pen and paper – at home, which then was shared at the visit or via telehealth,» he continued.»

Article written by Bill Siwicki



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