«Zoe, a startup founded by doctors and researchers out of London and Boston, made its name during the pandemic with a popular — dare we say viral? — self-reporting Covid-19 app. Embraced both by consumers and researchers, it provided early data into how Covid-19 spread and the symptoms associated with the initial infection and its lingering after-effects (Long Covid) — insights that were hard to come by virtually anywhere else.»

«Then as the virus moved from pandemic to endemic and attention shifted to other ways of tracking, Zoe also shifted, back to its original, pre-Covid mission: using self-reporting tech to track and build a nutrition study of the microbiome, and to provide personalized insights to individual users of its app based on their reporting of what and how they eat and the wider insights gained from the research.»

«That app is now is taking the next step in scaling its operations, as it looks to onboard 250,000 people off a waiting list it’s had going for over a year: it’s announcing £25 million in funding (around $30 million at today’s rates), an equity investment that CEO Jonathan Wolf said values Zoe at £250 million ($303 million).»

Article written by Ingrid Lunden



Tech Crunch