«Routinely-collected health care data has the potential to improve the lives and well-being of patients across the world, through better understanding of disease, and research on existing and new treatments. Presented today at the ESC Congress and simultaneously published in The BMJ, The Lancet Digital Health and European Heart Journal, an international team propose a framework to improve the integrity and quality of studies using health care data, and boost confidence in using the results for clinical decision support.»

«The approach was compiled by a wide range of global stakeholders, coordinated by the BigData@Heart consortium and the European Society of Cardiology. This included patients and patient advocacy groups, regulators, government agencies and leading medical journals, plus representatives from professional societies, academic institutions, the pharmaceutical industry and payers. Participants convened to review opportunities and challenges, and develop pragmatic advice on how health care data can be applied to research across the spectrum of disease.»

Article written by European Society of Cardiology



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