«NeuraLink, Elon Musk’s venture into medical device industry, yesterday shared updates to its brain implant technology during a “show and tell” event, claiming that the device is about six months away from its first human trial. Musk stated during the presentation that the company had submitted most of the paperwork needed for a human clinical trial to the FDA. Previously, however, the Tesla and new-Twitter owner had also hoped for human trials to begin in both 2020 and 2022. Now, it seems that reality has moved to at least 2023.»

«The Neuralink device is small with flexible “threads” that can be inserted into the brain. In about 15 minutes, 64 of these tiny “threads” can be implanted into the brain using a robotic system, according to DJ Seo, vice president of implant and co-founder of Neurolink. He used a mannequin during the presentation to demonstrate how the process might work.»

Article written by Katie Hobbins



MDD Online