«The wireless device incorporates electronics and an engineered hydrogel to monitor the healing process as well as speed up tissue closure and reduce infection via electrical stimulation.»

«A wireless “smart” bandage that combines advanced electronics with an engineered hydrogel shows promise in accelerating tissue repair by simultaneously monitoring the healing process and treating the wound. Researchers at Stanford University claim in a paper published in Nature Biotechnology on Nov. 24 that the device promotes faster closure of wounds, increases new blood flow to injured tissue, and enhances skin recovery by significantly reducing scar formation.»

«The smart bandage is composed of wireless circuitry that uses impedance/temperature sensors to monitor the progression of wound healing, explained a news release published on the EurekAlert web site. If healing is stunted or an infection is detected, the sensors send a signal to a central processing unit to apply more electrical stimulation across the wound bed to accelerate tissue closure and reduce infection. The researchers were able to track the sensor data in real time on a smart phone, all without the need for wires, said the news release.»

Article written by Jeff Della Rosa



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