«Pathology is the motor that drives healthcare to understand diseases. Digital technologies could push the field into becoming more efficient and more scalable. They could transform the job of pathologists into a more creative and data-driven profession while allowing patients to receive diagnoses faster and more accurately. Let’s see what the digital future of pathology looks like!»

«Although the whole edifice of medicine rests on the pathologist’s diagnosis, the field has not experienced any significant change for the last 150 years; said Thomas Fuchs, Director of Computational Pathology Lab at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center and Founder of Paige.AI, which is building machine learning algorithms to help digitise pathology, at the NVIDIA GPU Tech Conference a few years ago.»

«“Approximately 90 percent of the work is still done on various stains with methodologies that doctors came up with more than a hundred years ago.” – he added.»

Article written by The Medical Futurist



The Medical Futurist