«Priyanka Jain and Laine Bruzek want to close the gender gap in healthcare. And they’re talking about vaginas, in particular.»

«With their new company, Evvy, which launched earlier this year, they’re targeting an issue that is still a mystery for so many women. Approximately one in three women, or 30 percent, will have vaginal issues every year, Jain says. Many of these will be chronic cases of repeated infections or dysbiosis. And yet the treatment being used is still too basic, she argues. “We just put a bomb in there, as in an antibiotic, and then hope the right bacteria grow back.”»

«Evvy is setting out on two missions: one to help women better understand what’s going on in their vaginal microbiome using full-genome testing and two, to help build data on a region of the body that’s been neglected.»

Article written by Esha Chhabra