«Digital health is everywhere. It’s transforming healthcare for patients and providers with everything from telemedicine to continuous real-world data and AI-enhanced imaging analysis. However, whilst healthcare as a whole is starting to show the impact, MedTech is still catching up. As healthcare moves from fee-for-service to value-based care, MedTech’s focus is shifting from ‘how many products or procedures are we selling?’ to ‘how can we show the greatest impact on patient outcomes’ and to do that MedTech needs to focus on patient engagement.»

«One of the greatest advantages of digital health is that you’re putting so much information and power in the hands of patients. They can see the improvements in their stats in black and white, you can nudge them at the right time to take their medication or do their exercise and they can give feedback on what works and why. This changing relationship between MedTech and patients, who they’ve never really had much interaction with before, should be huge, and the companies who make the first moves will jump ahead.»

Article written by Shahram Sharif



HIT Consultant