«Today I’m going to talk about wearable technology in healthcare. Wearable technology has the potential to revolutionize healthcare by making it easier for patients, hospital employees and caregivers to stay connected and interact.»

«There are three main benefits of wearable technology in healthcare that have been highlighted include:»

1- Reduced anxiety and stress in patients and staff: With a wearable device on hand, staff can monitor vital signs such as heart rate or blood pressure, providing an assistant who is able to provide comfort and support when needed.

2- Increased accuracy in patient data: By having a wearable device on hand, hospitals can improve accuracy by tracking how many visitors each patient receives, as well as how long they stay in the hospital. This information can be used to better plan care for patients.

3- Improved communication between medical professionals and patients: By providing feedback during interactions with patients, nurses can better understand what needs to be done from a physical health standpoint while also providing support.

Article written by João Bocas



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