«In the past couple of years, I have taken at least 10 genetic tests, including this latest DNA test from 3×4 Genetics. This may seem excessive, but I have my reasons. I graduated from medical school as a genetic specialist and completed my PhD as a clinical genomics researcher, and although I turned to medical futurism, my original field never ceases to fascinate me. I’m very curious about how these tests advance and hope I might be able to provide insights for patients worldwide about what they can expect to learn from such tests and what those tests can really deliver.»

“Traditional’ DNA tests typically offer you percentage values of disease risks, saying things like “you have 34% diabetes risk”. Even if that is an accurate estimate, it’s challenging to figure out what to do with that number, especially if the test provider’s control population may significantly differ from yours. In my case, living in the middle of Europe, such values would tell more if they were compared to the Caucasian population in Central Europe – which they are not. Therefore while you receive quantified results, it’s really hard to use those results in your health or disease management»

Article written by The Medical Futurist



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