«Digital transformation in pharma is not a singular endeavour. It can mean everything from patient-facing disease management apps and wearables to background AI dramatically altering drug discovery or radiological imaging. So, when a life sciences company embarks on a project of digital transformation or innovation, it’s really embarking on multiple projects that span the wide world of pharmaceutical operations.»

«Dr Yacine Hadjiat is global head of Biogen Digital Health Solutions. He sat down with pharmaphorum at Frontiers Health 2022 in Milan to discuss how his group approaches digital innovation around neurological diseases.»

«Hadjiat and his team organise their efforts into four pillars: using technology to improve evidence generation and R&D, equipping clinicians with new digital tools, empowering patients through digital means, and pharma-adjacent interventions like digital therapeutics.»

Article written by Pharma Phorum



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