«What kinds of possibilities exist in the future for healthcare? How can medical devices reach across different fields of medicine and provide a holistic patient experience in collaboration with each other? These are some of the ideas you’ll hear about in today’s conversation with Daniel Kraft about the future of healthcare.»

«Daniel Kraft is a Stanford and Harvard-trained Physician-Scientist innovator and investor with over 25 years of clinical, research, biotechnology, and entrepreneurial experience. He’s the Chair of Medicine at Singularity University and the founder and chair of Exponential Medicine. Daniel is Board Certified in Internal Medicine & Pediatrics and completed fellowships in hematology/oncology & bone marrow transplantation at Stanford. He’s also Faculty Chair of Medicine at Singularity University and Founder, and Chair of Exponential Medicine, a unique cross-disciplinary program that explores how rapidly advancing, convergent technologies can shape the future of healthcare. Advisor to several leading biomedical & digital health startups. He’s given six TEDx & TEDMED talks.»

Article written by ETIENNE NICHOLS



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