«A new era in cancer screening could be starting soon.»

«Instead of having to undergo uncomfortable procedures like colonoscopies, it might be possible to detect cancer from a simple blood draw — also known as a liquid biopsy. On Thursday, Silicon Valley-based biotech Guardant Health announced that its blood-based cancer screening test correctly caught colorectal cancer cases in 83% of people who had the disease. It also correctly predicted that people did not have colorectal cancer 90% of the time.»

«In a press release, the company said that it would use these study findings to submit the test for FDA approval in the first quarter of 2023.»

«We’ve been working steadily for many years to reach this milestone,» Guardant Health co-CEO AmirAli Talasaz said in an investor call on Thursday evening. «As of today, blood-based CRC screening is a reality.»

Article written by Leah Rosenbaum



Busines Insider