«The medtech industry is at a critical juncture. Digital solutions put in place during the lockdowns related to the COVID-19 pandemic have evolved into clear customer engagement preferences. Companies that wish to remain competitive are rethinking their traditional commercial models and designing differentiated digital strategies for the future.»

«Companies in the medtech sector have access to more data—and more advanced analytics—than ever before. As the availability and competencies of AI continue to grow, it’s being deployed to address an ever-widening range of commercial challenges, including microsegmenting customers for providing account insights, creating propensity-to-buy models for account prioritization, recommending next best actions for customer engagement,1 suggesting tender prices for bid support, and helping predict and prevent customer churn (Exhibit 1). Now is the time for medtech companies to reimagine their customer engagement models by incorporating these and other capabilities.»

Article written by McKinsey