«The global spend on IoT applications in healthcare is forecast to grow to $260.75 billion by 2027, at a CAGR of 19.8%. Supporting the wellbeing of 8 billion people worldwide creates a flood of data that forms the lifeblood of IoT. What industry needs is the data experts to turn that information into medical breakthrough.»

«The COVID-19 pandemic stretched healthcare systems to breaking point, but it also brought the importance of analysing live data to the fore. Re-engineering the way data is collected, stored, processed, modelled, displayed, understood, and acted upon is top of medical industry leaders’ agenda.»

«Beyond data analysis, applications of other digital transformation components, such as AI and machine learning, are also becoming vital in the smarter management of operations, allocation of resources, cross-team collaboration, and improvement of services for better delivery of care.»

Article written by Med Tech News



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