«Although we should always be aware of our body’s condition, it wasn’t until recently that people became more acutely aware of the need to monitor our health on a regular basis. Regular checkups might not always be feasible, especially if they’re spaced too far apart or too pricey, and that’s one of the major reasons why people put it off until it’s too late. Smartwatches and some fitness trackers have now gained the ability to keep track of some of these health points, but that isn’t really practical when you want to monitor the health of every member of the family. That’s the kind of situation that OPPO designed its first-ever product under its OHealth brand, bringing together the equivalent of six pieces of medical equipment in one beautiful device.»

«Nothing scares people more than medical and dental equipment, some of which may look more like torture instruments than health tools. The mere sight of these literally clinical objects sometimes causes stress in some people, which is another reason why some stay away from checkups. Bringing these home for personal use is not only impractical but also pointless since many of them require training to use and decipher.»

Article written by EWDISON THEN



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