«Your smartwatch can tell when you’re tired, when you’re inactive, or even when you’re suffering a panic or heart attack, but there isn’t much it can do to help ameliorate or fix the condition. Most health wearables just measure and detect health stats… not many have the unique distinction of being able to cure health problems. Behold the Kineon MOVE+, a wearable light-therapy device that can reduce inflammation, heal tissues, relieve chronic pain, and accelerate recovery simply by using the power of light. Unlike painkillers that put chemicals in your bloodstream or muscle-relief sprays that are just effective on the surface, the MOVE+ is a non-invasive device that uses a combination of LED and Laser light to help heal muscle and joint pain by working on the surface as well as reaching deep into your tissues to boost recovery. It does so simply by strapping onto the part of your body that’s facing pain or inflammation and using dual light therapy to boost blood flow to the area to help you recover faster and relieve chronic pain.»

Article written by SARANG SHETH



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